lollipopstar27 (lollipopstar27) wrote in northeastraves,

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Kandi clothes

So, I've been cleaning out my closet and have found tons of old skool Kandi gear from when I first started partying. I have finally accepted that I am not going to wear it again and to keep it on the basis of nostalgia is just plain selfish when there's so little gear to be found lately. Those who know me know I treat my clothes REALLY well, so the majority of it doesn't look like it's been used more than once. I've got Macs, Macgirl, buggirls, kikwear, kikgirls, snugs, and of course a few UFOs. I also have a pair of overalls I made myself if anyone wants those. I hate to just Planet Earth them when I know there are people who would totally appreciate them. So, if you still whole-heartedly rock the dancefloor in phat pants and bright colors, let me know and I'll send them to you or we can meet up someplace and I can give them to you.
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